Our Label

For thousands of years, the “Glauca” (Athene noctua, or Little Owl) has been the symbol of wisdom, since, among other things, it is the sacred creature of the Ancient Greek goddess Athena, the goddess of Wisdom (“Sophia” in Greek). Many generations of “glaucae” used to nest at the foot of the Acropolis. The Athenians took this as a sign of Athena’s presence in the temple, and the owls were always welcome there. The owl’s association with Athena is inscribed and depicted in numerous ancient artworks. There are also accounts of the “glauca” being used by Athena as a messenger. The Athenians also believed that even the goddess Athena herself often took the form of the "glauca", when she appeared to people.

Our names (Athena & Sophia) were the inspiration for our label. The identification of goddess Athena with wisdom (in Greek:Sophia) is represented by the owl. The identification of Athena with Sophia is represented in the good taste, the design and the quality of MOUTAKI garments.


“What shall we wear this summer?"

This was the question that triggered us to create our own collection of clothes and accessories for our friends and us.

We started out with a small range of mix-and-match clothing. This first range brought on a second one, and finally a complete collection of clothes, jewellery, scarves and handbags.

That’s how the Moutaki sisters created the moutaki company. A company of fashion and girly clothing and accessories, at the same time affordable and timeless.

Thank you for the love you have showed us by making us your choice so far.

Our primary concern at moutaki is quality, in the fit, the fabrics and in the sewing of our products. We mainly use
We manufacture our products in Greece, using highly qualified craftsmen who love their work and enjoy working with us.
From the design to the production and sale of our products, we have managed to create a strong, compact chain, and when