Moutaki is a Greek fashion brand founded in 2013 by Moutaki sisters. Continuing their family's heritage, Athena and Sofia started with a small collection that evolved into a fashion brand holding a leading position in the industry. Today, the firm’s objective is to create classy and modern clothing, affordable yet timeless, respecting its roots and the women it is inspired by.

The brand's philosophy is the creation of unique and sophisticated outfits for the everyday woman, varying from casual to formal clothing. The woman that inspires us is feminine, unique, loves classic lines and has a contemporary aesthetic.

Our collections are defined by clean lines, minimal structural aesthetic along with bohemian elements, elaborated details and vintage references. Earthy tones and shades of the sea compose the main color palette, running throughout the collections.

Our brand's label was created based on the names of our designers, Athena and Sophia (which means wisdom in greek). In ancient greek mythology , the owl - Athene Noctua- is considered the favorite bird of the Goddess of Wisdom and protector of Athens, Athena. The Goddess was believed to take the form of the owl when she wanted to present herself to the people, establishing the bird as the symbol of wisdom worldwide.